Our Programs & Services


Golf Lessons & equipment

The Jim Horne Golf Foundation provides golf lessons to young students starting at age 7 and all lessons are given by Jim Horne.  Mr. Horne has been teaching golf  for more than 25 years and sharing his passion for the game of golf to his students has been joy for both him and the community. 

The students receive:

1) Free golf lessons – lessons are once a week on Saturday during the school year

2) Free equipment – golf clubs & bag, golf glove, golf shoes and a JHGF golf shirt

3) Free local tournaments – Interclub and BDGA events

Golf lessons are held at:

The Wehrle Dome, 8230 Wehrle Dr, Williamsville, NY in the winter

The Airport Driving Range, 207 S. Young Rd, Williamsville, NY in the warmer months http://airportdrivingrange.com

We currently have 25 students in the 2019 season.  If your child is interested in golf or you would like to know more about our organization, send a message on our contact page  https://www.jimhornegolf.org/contact or call us at 716-294-6893.


Local tournaments

The Jim Horne Golf Foundation is designated as a club by the Buffalo District Golf Association (BGDA) and therefore can participate the BDGA Interclub Junior Events.  The Interclub events are weekly club matches in July and August and the schedules are created towards mid June. 

We use River Oaks in Grand Island, NY as our home course.  The Jim Horne Golf Foundation will provide all information related to the Interclub matches to the students.  In addition, the Foundation will pay for the student’s application fee for any other BDGA Junior events.

***2019 Jim Horne Scholarship Golf Application***

college Scholarships

All Jim Horne Golf Foundation ("JHGF") students are eligible to apply for a JHGF scholarship.  A candidate must have applied to or attend a university, college, or accredited trade school, and must demonstrate scholastic ability by submitting SAT/ACT scores and high school and/or college transcripts.  Complete the JHGF Scholarship application, which is provided in the link below.  This document must be submitted, along with the following documents, by June 30, 2019.

  • High School transcript and SAT/ACT scores

  • College transcript (if applicable)

  • Other scholarship information (if applicable)

***2019 JHGF Scholarship Application***

Once the application has been received, a member of the Jim Horne Golf Foundation will contact the candidate to schedule a phone interview.  The application and support documents must be received by the Jim Horne Golf Foundation no later than June 30, 2019.


FInancial aid to pursue golf as a profession

At this point, the Jim Horne Golf Foundation does not have any current or past students who are looking to play golf professional.